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Coffee is...
Good for me
CYP1A2 gene variant
Normal LDL cholesterol level
Result:Fast caffeine metaboliser
Bad for me
CYP1A2 gene variant
Increased LDL cholesterol level
Result:Slow caffeine metaboliser
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good for you
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Running is...
Good for me
No genetic injury predisposition
Endurance profile
Result:Running is optimal workout
Bad for me
Genetic injury predisposition
Power profile
Result:Running is sub-optimal workout
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good for you
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Sun is...
Good for me
No predisposition to sun damage
Normal skin ageing
Result:Moderate sun exposure
Bad for me
Genetic risk of sun damage
Accelerated skin ageing
Result:Limited sun exposure
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Martha, 38 
Wanted to manage her
weight more effectively
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William, 33 
Wanted to improve
his physical condition
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Daniel, 37 
Wanted to manage his stress better
and improve quality of sleep
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Emma, 42 
Wanted to improve
her skin condition
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Martha, 38
Wanted to manage her weight more effectively
Weight (lbs) 175
BMI 27
LDL "bad" cholesterol 1.4 mmol/l
Triglycerides 2.8 mmol/l
Genetic obesity risk HIGH
Microbiome profile Firmicutes Bacteroidetes
  • Limit consumption of saturated and trans fats
  • Eat 3 avocados per week
  • Increase intake of cauliflower and mushrooms
  • Reduce intake of sugar and processed carbs by 30%
  • Follow physical activity plan #3
Weight (lbs) 149
BMI 23
LDL "bad" cholesterol 1.1 mmol/l
Triglycerides 1.6 mmol/l
Genetic obesity risk Controlled
Microbiome profile Firmicutes Bacteroidetes
William, 33
Wanted to improve his physical condition
Resting heart rate 70 bpm
Body fat level 22%
Exercise per week 2 times/week
Primary sport Occasional gym workout
Injury risk Tendon injury risk
VO2max 33.5
  • Train at 75-85% maximum heart rate
  • Take at least 7500 steps per day
  • Increased recovery speed allows for an extra day of training each week
  • Follow vitalityDNA endurance training routine
  • Perform knee circles to strengthen calf muscles
  • Incorporate high intensity interval training
Resting heart rate 62 bpm
Body fat level 17%
Exercise per week 3 times/week
Primary sport Adherence to circuit training
Injury risk Risk of injury
VO2max 38
Daniel, 37
Wanted to manage his stress better and improve quality of sleep
Average sleep per night 6h 20min
Deep sleep per night 55 min
Time to fall asleep >30 min
Activity level <3000 steps/day
Stress score 8/10
  • Increase natural sources of melatonin and thryptophan before sleep
  • Do not consume alcohol before sleep
  • Reduce intake of coffee/tea due to increased genetic sensitivity to caffeine
  • Increase daily physical activity to reduce stress
  • Follow vitalityDNA relaxation routine
Average sleep per night 7h 40min
Deep sleep per night 1h 30min
Time to fall asleep <25 min
Activity level >5000 steps/day
Stress score 4/10
Emma, 42
Wanted to improve her skin condition
Skin profile Type II skin phototype
Genetic facial pigmentation Increased risk
Genetic skin hydration Dehydrated
Genetic skin dryness Increased risk
Sun damage (spots) Increased risk
Skin nutritional needs Vitamin B6 and C deficiency
  • Regularly apply sunscreen with SPF 30+
  • Drink more water and herbal tea
  • Apply moisturizing creams rich in avocado, sunflower or olive oils
  • Eat more citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries and tomatoes
  • Use creams with extracts from algae and pine bark
Healthier, younger looking skin
Less sun spots
Reduced exposure to sun
How it works
We take a deep diveinto your current health
Comprehensive genetic analysis covering Nutrition, Fitness and other wellness areas
Explore your complete gut microbiome, how it’s functioning and what insights it provides
Understand what your blood markers, including cholesterol, tell about your current health status
Online assesment
Complete an online health assessment and set your wellness goals
Fitness tracker
Get a complementary fitness tracker to monitor your activity, heart rate, and sleep
We analyse
your health across
7 dimensions
Personalised nutrition
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Fitness and energy
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Sleep quality
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Sexual wellness
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Mental health
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Personalised nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Nutritional needs
  • Cardiometabolic health
  • Eating behaviour
  • Food reactions and allergies
Fitness and energy
  • Energy balance
  • Athletic potential
  • Cardio performance
  • Recovery and injury risk
  • Activity and heart rate
Sleep quality
  • Sleep patterns
  • Deep and light sleep cycles
  • Telomere length
  • Overall longevity
  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Dental
Sexual wellness
  • Fertility
  • Testosterone
  • Sexuality
  • Erection quality
  • Menopause
Mental health
  • Cognitive abilities
  • Alcohol dependence
  • Smoking behaviour
  • Headache
We work together to achieve your wellness goals
Comprehensive report
We provide a comprehensive report with your genetic, gut microbiome and blood test results.
Actionable recommendations
Based on a 360-degree picture of you, we develop highly actionable recommendations, designed specifically for you.

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Progress and updates
As we analyse how your data changes over time, we’ll be able to deliver smarter, more personalised, and more effective recommendations to help you achieve your health and wellness goals.

To monitor your wellness progress we recommend to re-test your gut microbiome and blood on a regular basis.
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